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#1 - The Order is about how Deckard Cain searches the remaining Horadrims, what do he expect to find? Why is he searching now?
Nate Kenyon: He finds another group of persons that are still practicing which is incredibly exciting for him, because he has always believed that he was the last, and they will die with him. He also believes that they maybe can help him in understanding and stopping what he believes is coming, this invasion.

So, it's very important to him that he tries to follow that path and tries to find out whether there are any left or not. It also is a part of his character, I think that one of the most important things that we tried to do in this book is to give Cain a story, there are drama in his life, reasons for what he does. This is sort of an exploration of himself as well, he's trying to understand who he is, where he is come from and some of the drama that is buried from his past that he needs to figure out. That's all wrapped in this quest of finding whether is the last one or not.
#2 - We all know that Deckard is an old man and a peaceful person, usually the main character of a novel is a strong and brave hero, how did you managed this?
That's a great question, and you are the first that asks that question. When Blizzard approaches me to write this book and they told me the story idea they had in mind, my first reaction and my biggest concern was that they wanted to build an epic quest novel around an old man, as the main character is the hero basically. That is a very difficult thing to do and I was worried about that.

Then I started learning everything I could about Deckard Cain, and then this came up with a story for him. Character development is very important to me and one of the things that I try to do in my work. Creating a backstory for him, creating a reason for why he is who he is and why he actually does the things is key to the book and key to him becoming a hero in his own mind.

The book is structured around Cain coming from a place where he is guilt for many different things including the invasion of Sanctuary, that he couldn't stop in time but also things from his past. Part of his character is the progression in this book, he comes to realize that even though he is an old man he can still do things to redeem himself. In that way he becomes a hero.

That's sort of the core of the novel we've trying to do. So, you have an old man that's crossing Sanctuary back and forth and battling demons and doing physical things, caring about Leah as he can...
#3 - I've been reading a couple of pages and it seems that Deckard has some kind of sorcery knowledge.
He is not a sorcerer, he doesn't have a magical talent, he uses what he can, he uses artifacts, he uses magical elements as he has a ton of knowdlege from being a member of the Horadrim, the last Horadrim or not. He dedicated his life after the event of D1 and D2 becoming a true Horadrim to the best of his ability. He's got a very deep knowledge of everything around the sorcery, and he uses at his advantage.
#4 - I think that the frametime of the event of The Order are 10 years before Diablo III, am I right?
Yes, it's right in between Diablo II and Diablo III, it's a book that attempts to fill the gap between that two games and establish Cain and Leah relationship and tell the origins of that story, how they came to be together and how important they are and why to Sanctuary.

So, yeah, it takes place around 10 years before D3. And Leah is a lot of groundwork to the game, there is a lot of information on the book that Leah is a groundwork of what happens in D3.
#5 - Do you think that is a book that explains a lot of Diablo III events or Diablo III will explain a lot of The Order events?

It's a little of both, in order to get this right, Blizzard and I wanted to make sure that I was as up to date as possible on everything that they were doing, I had all the information from the plot of the book and the plot of the game of Diablo III and where are they going to take it.

A lot of things in the book are involved in there, if the gamers read the book first they may not even recognise or realize some of those things but when they'll play the game they may go back and realize that this is why is happening with more details.
#6 - People likes to see some known locations or known characters of previous games or other books. I know that Caldeum is where Leah and Deckard meet and then travel to Kurast, what other locations or characters should we expect?
There is a lot of locations and characters. The intend of writting this was to kind of reset the franchise and tell a bit of the backstory of the events in D1 and D2, we've them in to this book all the way up through.

I had a lot of fun bringing some characters from books and from the game into this book and telling what happened to them. There is a lot of locations, Drysteps, Gea'Kul, Kurast, Caldeum... there are many different places that they go because the quest of the search of the Horadrim and to stop the villain of the novel before it's too late. They go on a road trip on Sanctuary and pass along different locations, see a lot of characters and have memories of a lot of characters from the past.
#7 - A difficult question... can you tell us anything about The Dark One?
I don't want to explain too much to the readers. He is a new villain and he has a particular tie to a very long known demon and he's a complicated character, he has got his own backstory and reasons for being who he is, but he's also a bit of a puppy.

He's sort of Deckard Cain alter ego almost, he's also a scholar, he wants to be like the Horadrim but he's been inmersed in the dark arts and corrupted. I've very intentionaly set the book up to have The Dark One be a mirror for Deckard Cain. This is who Deckard Cain might have become or may have been in other circumstances if he have made the wrong choices. It's kind of an illustration of how close the line can be sometimes between good and evil.
#8 - The book suggests that Leah feels a strange energy inside her, why Leah is so important? Is she more than only a child or the pupil of Cain?
Yes, she definitely has some very special abilities and there are reasons for that, that I won't get into. She is surely special girl and she's an essential part of the novel. This was something that we all really wanted to develop, she's a really interesting character as well and someone who we really wanted to explore in the novel and build up a bit. Cain doesn't have a family and she becomes his family and fills a need for him, a role for him that is really important.
#9 - Will we see any link between The Order and the book of Cain?
Yes and no, I mean... the book of Cain is a book written by Deckard Cain sort of illustrating his wide deep knowledge of the Horadrim and the history of Sanctuary and everything he's come to understand. Is not the end of the novel to give a writting like this, something that he can give as a legacy. It's related in that way and I think when Blizzard was developing the book of Cain, we had surely The Order in mind as well as the other properties little bit written and developed around Deckard Cain. It's his personal story where The Order is up, is a novel to story by one of his adventures.
#10 - What is the picture in the cover of the book?
The cover is the horadric symbol and there is an eye in the center of it which has to do with the demon that's the center to the novel.
#11 - I've been reading the first part of the novel, I think that you did an amazing work, I know the fans were looking forward to know more about Deckard Cain and Leah so... should I keep reading or it's better to stop and play Diablo III first?
No, I think you should read the book first, it's not going to give away anything that you don't want to know about the game, it sets the groundwork for the game. You will understand some things better I think if you read the book. One of our intentions was to have the book ready with the game, in that way it has its own story, it alos has some elements that sets the game up. It hopefully get the people excited, I would have love to see the book come out before the game events so people had chances to read it but it didn't happen that way for many reasons.

I do hope people read it maybe in between and playing, and enjoy the backstory that it gives. The current story also in the novel, the plot itself is really exciting. It's full of action, drama, horror and develops the characters giving people an idea of why these people are who they are.
#12 - So... it's spoiler free?
Yeah, I think it's spoiler free. Blizzard is very careful with what they do, they don't want to spoil anything to everybody, they want to lay the ground, they want to set things up but they don't want to blow anything for anybody.
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